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The Kansas Envirothon is an outdoor, environmental high school competition
where students learn and are tested on soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics, a current issue and an
oral presentation.

The current issue for the 2014 Kansas competition is: Sustainable Local Agriculture: Locally
2014 North American Envirothon
Must be completed by team advisor
prior to Regional Competition.
A cash award will be paid to the school department or organization that the team advisor
designates in the following amounts:
1st place team will receive $350
2nd place team $250
3rd place $150
Any ties will be split.
2014 Competitions
April 2, 2014 -  Regional Envirothon at Riverside Park, 1510 Park Ave., Iola in Allen County.
Contact Kelli Kramer at the Allen County Conservation District: kelli.kramer@ks.nacdnet.net

April 9, 2014 - Regional Envirothon at Wilson Lake in Russell County. RESULTS
Contact Pamela Hays at the Ellsworth County Conservaton District: pamela.hays@ks.nacdnet.net 

April 16, 2014 - Regional Envirothon at Centralia Lake in Nemaha County.
Contact Dana Schmelzle at the Nemaha County Conservation District:
dana.schmelzle@ks.nacdnet.net  MAP  RESULTS

April 16, 2014 Regional Envirothon at Council Grove Federal Reservoir in Morris County.  
Contact JoBea Titus-Hutchinson at: jobea.titus@ks.nacdnet.net  RESULTS

April 30, 2014 - Kansas Envirothon competition at the Webster Conference Center, 2601
N. Ohio St., Salina, KS, 67401. Contact Tom Meek at the Clay County Conservation District:
tom.meek@ks.nacdnet.net  Webster Conference Center directions and layout, download HERE
2014 Schedule
Rawlins County wheat field at sunset - Photo by Kathy Davis-Vrbas, Atwood, Kansas
2014 Kansas Envirothon Competition Cash Awards
Kansas Envirothon
The 2014 North American Envirothon will be held July 20-24 at University of Georgia,
Athens, GA.

Current Environmental Issue is Sustainable Local Agricultural: Locally Grown.
In 2014, all teams are required to compete in oral presentations at the Kansas
Envirothon competition.  The oral presentation will be for 10 minutes with a total of 50
points possible. All team members are required to participate in the presentation.

2013 Kansas Envirothon Winner: Clay Center High School FFA
See competition results HERE.
For more information, visit the Oral Presentation resource page HERE.
New in 2014
Regional test questions are 33 questions worth three points each and one question worth one point.

Kansas Envirothon test questions are 50 questions worth two points each.