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Resource Planning
for Kansas Conservation Districts
The resource planning process undertaken this year by the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts
is a component of the $75,000 grant that NRCS awarded to KACD in 2011.  The association viewed it as
a process that could provide valuable focus for districts as they seek to maintain and increase funding as
well as identify and implement measures to address local conservation issues.  In-depth information about
the planning process is contained within the various documents and tools on this page.
Long-range resource planning process kicks off at Spring Area Meetings.
Module added to DOC supervisor training modules (and available on KACD
website) to assist with planning process.

Resource Planning Workbook distributed to conservation districts.

Completed worksheets should be sent electronically to Robin Lehman for
development of draft resource plan.

Draft plans will be submitted to conservation districts for review and

Conservation districts that adopt final Five-Year Resource Plan by December
15, 2012, will be eligible for a one-time $200 reduction on 2013 KACD dues
(the remaining amount of regular or Maximum Club dues must be paid in full).
March 6, 7, 8, 14, 15

By April 1
By August 1

By November 1

By December 15
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Report on the
2012 KACD
Resource Planning Process